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Medan in short.. my version..

I was supposed to do some errands one day but someone borrowed my driver.. then it occurred to me that I am practically handicap.. I can drive but not in Medan traffic.. then somehow.. all the NOss slowly flow into me..

No Driver    = No Leg

No Maid        = No Life

No Internet    = No Work

No BlackBerry = No Friends

No School     = No Stress

No Nanny     = No Sex

No Money     = No Name

No Sun (rain)        = No Electricity

and obviously…

No Kecap manis = No Taste!!

Wishing everyone

Merry Christmas and

A Happy New year 2012!!

p.s.. feel free to add if you have more to include.. ^^

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medankota on December 20th 2011 in Indonesia Joke, Medan Food, Medan Leisure, Medan Living


my last post on this blog was on 21 July 2010.. gosh.. didn’t know that I was absent for that long.  I kinda of been busy with lots.. in a good way though.. ^^..  Both my sons are now in P2 and P3 and picking up their Bahasa much better than I do.. shamefully, I am probably still at the same level as I was 5 years back.  Honestly, I just can’t be bother with the language.. I know enough to get by daily and since I am not working so.. yeah..

As to Medan, well.. people are still the same.. women are still dressing up as like we are living in Paris.. colourful clothing with Hermes and Birkin seen around town.. hair blown up high with Christian louboutin gracing in Starbucks..  ==”  Gossips are of course still part of the daily life activities.. I listen when I am told but just don’t know who is to who..  Kids are still having that “I don’t care attitude”.. Men? at least I am seeing less of white pants with white shoes these days.. hahhaha..

Polonia Airport is still the same old building.. only ‘ONE’ luggage belt seems to be functioning hence imagine 2 0r 3 flights landing at the same time?  I experienced that and I was simply mad.. there was not enough porter and lack of trolleys as well..

there are lots to tell since I have about 18 months of past happenings.. hehehe.. my new year resolution for 2012 is to start blogging again just for the fun of it.. I shall still be whining.. screaming and joking as usual to all things Medan..

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medankota on December 11th 2011 in Medan General, Medan Living, medan gossip

Medan – Worst. City. Ever.

Alright.. I haven’t been blogging for a longggg time.. that’s simply because.. 1. I am busy with life and  2. I have nothing interesting to entertain … ^0^..

Anyway.. this morning, a friend send us a link.. he said someone wrote that Medan is “Worst. City. Ever.”.. well.. honestly, I wasn’t expecting much of what the article is going to be about anyway.. but mine oh mine.. just the first paragraph alone had me feeling sick to the stomache..

Alright.. I am not going to deny that I am not a big fan of this city, Medan.. I have lived for a decade by now.. and though it is not the best city on earth.. (Bangkok, my hometown, received ‘world’s best city” this year).. but I have to defence on behalf of Medan people that.. ‘NO!!  Medan is not the Worst. City. Ever.’

enough said.. but here’s what Mr ADAM GARTRELL wrote on July 19, 2010 for

“Dear Medan. I hate you.

I visited you recently and found you the most unpleasant, charmless and thoroughly depressing city I’ve ever encountered. And I’ve visited plenty of s—holes in my time.

Now, when it comes to big Indonesian cities I have pretty low expectations.

I live in Jakarta, the biggest of them all, so I know what I’m in for: traffic, pollution, heat, noise, chaos, the stench of human waste.

And you, Medan – Indonesia’s third biggest city – you provided all those things. In great abundance.

In fact, even though your population, at three million, is a quarter that of Jakarta’s, I reckon you’re worse on just about every count.

Quite an achievement.

But Medan, you’re awful not just because of your many failings but because you appear to have no redeeming qualities whatsoever.

You’re slim pickin’s for hotels, you don’t seem to boast a single, decent restaurant and from what I’ve heard, you’ve got no real nightlife.

Your airport is a Boschian nightmare, your roads a mess, your buses an embarrassment and your taxis … well, if I ever find one I’ll let you know.

And ever heard of trees?

Okay, so you have a big mosque but it’s also the closest thing you’ve got to a tourist attraction. And you have a few shopping malls but what city doesn’t?

I understand now why you consistently feature on people’s “Worst. City. Ever.” lists.

You’re at the very top of mine.

Okay, I admit, there’s a personal element to this. See, I got robbed in one of your hotels.

It wasn’t a very nice hotel. It promotes itself as a four star hotel when in actual fact it’s closer to a two. But that’s fine. I don’t need luxury and it cost less than $100 a night.

Except, in the end, it actually cost a couple of grand. Because while I was out one night scouring the streets for a decent meal – in vain, of course – someone broke into my room and stole a giant wad of company cash from my suitcase.

Why did I have a giant wad of cash, you ask? Well, because Indonesia is a mostly cash economy, so I’m forced to travel with plenty of it. But why didn’t I put it in the safe? Well, because the hotel didn’t provide one.

And when I brought the robbery to the hotel’s attention the staff were predictably – and perhaps deliberately – unhelpful.

Security staff at first said they could give me a keycard lock report, so I could see if anyone else entered my room. But then – for reasons not properly explained – they suddenly couldn’t.

But that was okay, they said. They could show me the CCTV footage outside my room instead.

Oh no, wait, sorry! We don’t actually know the password to review the CCTV!

Can you say “inside job”?

Needless to say I moved to a different hotel for my final night. I woke up the next morning in blood-stained sheets. Mozzies never take any interest in me but your Medan mozzies made quite a frenzied exception.

I didn’t get malaria. But I did get spectacularly, violently sick about a week later from an intestinal parasite, which I’m certain I picked up from you, Medan. I just know it.

I’ve never been so happy to board a plane as I was the one that whisked me away from you, Medan. And I never want to see you again.

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medankota on July 21st 2010 in Medan Bisnis, Medan Food, Medan Hotel, Medan Leisure

JD is over thinking..

my eldest son, Jadon.. who is now in primary 1.. and is just 7 yo… he has been saying stuff that left me speechless..

on the road one afternoon… he asked mr hubby..  “papa, when I get to secondary class, are you buying a car for me to drive to school?”.. we both got shocked but were half laughing at the same time and me replied him: ” NO, you are too young..” which he then went on to explain how he saw several big kids drive sport car to school.. with ‘4 exhausts’ he claimed… and went on to say…“papa, you are so… ‘aaiiiiiiii yah’ (he couldn’t find the right word) .. those koko drive a sport car to school and you are only driving a Honda CRV…… huh?.. he’s only 7 yo and he has the guts to say that to his dad!!.. but of course we explained and cleared up the matter..

medankota JD is over thinking..

GoKart! it’s his first time .. but he drove like a mad boy.. was not afraid.. and even drove so fast that the car spinned.. (which he claimed that he was simply cruising) .. my mum and dad almost had their heart attack seeing this grandson.. but heck, he came off the track with a big wide smile on his face…

then last month… at the end of 3rd term.. we went to take the school report card… after the Bahasa homework incident and exam madness… I asked his Mandarin tutor to do an hour of Bahasa with him once a week.. which lead him to getting an A* this term (mind you it was always either B, or D)… though he was real happy, he was also curious… on the car he said.. “mama, I don’t really understand what Ibu (his Bahasa teacher) said in the class and I know very little of Bahasa.. but how come I still got an A.. “.. honestly, I thought so too myself..

next, while I was trying real hard to think back of my childhood days when I was my sons age… to see if I have a “puppy crush’ on anyone from my class.. and darn.. I don’t think I do… why?.. lately, both my boys are talking about boys-girls relationship almost everyday!!!… like this who likes who … and this who wants to marry with who .. and this who has so many girlfriends… etc.. I can understand that it’s a growing up thing.. but I disapprove this sort of conversation at home..

and with me not able to take any more of this nonsense hearing, I came up with a way to put a stop to all these silliness… how?.. I told my boys straight to their faces… “you guys are not having any girlfriends!! .. mama will be the one who will find the right girlfriend for you both!!“.. and somehow Jadon funnily said this back out loud .. “so Elson (my young son), if anyone asked us if we have any girlfriend.. we just tell them NO, coz mama said she will choose for us”.. and of course with a grin on my face.. I replied..”you are absolutely correct”.. and it kinds of kill off the topic from then on…

with both boys growing up at a rate too fast for me to handle… I find being a mum involve lots of patience and understanding, guidance and planning… and most important of all, the endless love they both constantly seek from me..

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medankota on May 2nd 2010 in Medan General, Medan Leisure, Medan Living

What’s a Gruffalo?.. Why.. didn’t you know?

This may sound real crazy for some.. but I began reading to both my sons while they were both still a foetus.. sometimes around 5 months pregnant.. I remembered borrowing one of those Disney story books from my nieces and began reading a story a day.. and when they were born.. by about 6 months old.. I will lied out beside them both and read to them all sorts of books.. and yes both my boys love it…

Some 3 years back.. I got hold of a book called “Gruffalo”.. bought it at the Takashimaya’s Kinokuniya bookstore.. and from the moment I read to them both.. it has since been their favourite book of all times.. I remember clearly how this awarding book became their nightly reading for some 2 months.. Elson will give me a real grumpy face should I went against his wish..

the gruffalo

I have heard from some friends how some kids are not into reading.. if that is so.. please do try this one.. it’s of the BEST children’s story book that I know in the market.. the author, Julia Donaldson has been well awarded.. the story book have sold millions of copies, and its been turn into a live play with sold out tickets.. and surprisingly.. you can even get a DVD of it from Sun Plaza, Medan!! .. I have bought the DVD too and it’s just as good .. it’s from the corner CD shop on the top floor of Sun Plaza that is opposite the Fountain Café.. just can’t remember the shop name though..

it’s a real must read..!! and with some practice, both my boys can recite the whole story for you all to hear!!

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medankota on April 27th 2010 in Medan General